UDV-1000 Water Flow Meters

♦ Application Development Procedure ♦  Development Platform

Project 1: Bluetooth Protocol Stack

The bluetooth protocol stack makes up the core portion of our Bluetooth products.This stack enables devices to locate each other and establish a connection.

Through this connection, devices can exchange data and interact with each other through various applications. Click Here for more

Project 2 : 68332- and DSP- based UDV-1000 Instrument

The UDV-1000 instrument is a multifunctional intelligent flow meter. It can be mainly used to measure clean and muddy water flow velocity. Click Here for details.

The UDV-1000 employees an Intel 68332 microprocessor and a C32 DSP chip to accomplish real-time measurement of flow velocity. 68332 microprocessor is mainly responsible for conducting user-machine interface task as well as orchestrating the whole measuring process. The DSP processor takes care of data acquisition, signal processing and data analyzing in a real-time fashion. The two processors exchange information through a dual-port RAM and interrupt logics.

The UDV-1000 receiver outputs a Doppler signal which contains Doppler frequency information. The Doppler signal is sampled and converted into digital signal by a 12bits A/D converter, which is subsequently acquired by the C32 DSP processor. By using FFT algorithm, we compute the Doppler frequency spectrum, spectrum peak location and the spectrum bandwidth in the DSP in a real-time fashion. The results are sent to 68332 to convert to flow velocity and turbulence intensity data, which are then displayed in LEDs and printed in a micro-printer.

The 68332 is programmed with C++ and the C32 is programmed with C as well as assembling language.

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