Embedded System Design

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Shenitech provides out-sourcing services for all your embedded system design needs. We have experienced engineering resources with an in-depth know-how on microprocessor / microcontroller, mixed signal and analog designs.

We specialize in both software and hardware development for real-time embedded system. Our embedded software engineers are experts in embedded system programming and microprocessor / microcontroller programming. Our hardware engineers are experts in all aspects of an electronic design, including analog, digital and mixed-signal design techniques. By combining hardware and software development, we are able to deliver you a turn-key reference design for your embedded control or instrumentation application, ready for production.

Today's cut-throat competitive environment demands ever lower development cost and faster product development cycles. Using our design house to outsource your product development, you can shorten your development time and beat your competition to market.

Embedded Software Development

Shenitech's in-depth knowledge of microprocessors, sensors, signal processing, computing and electronic engineering technologies allows us to build high quality embedded systems for a variety of applications. Our experience includes systems based on the following microprocessor / microcontroller, DSPs, and protocols:

  • Motorola 68xx, 68xxx
  • Intel 8031/8051, i960, 80x86
  • Zilog Z80
  • Arm7, Arm9
  • PowerPC 4xx, 5/7xx
  • TI 320C2x, 320C3x, 320C4x, 320C5x, , 320C6x
  • Analog Devices DSP 21xx, 21xxx
  • PCI, ISA
  • PC/104
  • Bluetooth chip

Our real-time/embedded engineers are expertise in programming those devices in the most proficient manner with a variety of support software and development tools, such as network stacks, real-time operating system (RTOS), etc. At Shenitech, we offer turnkey solutions. We develop, test and debug the software according to a specification approved by you and we deliver the fully documented source code and test result documentation at the end of the project.

Besides, Shenitech also has the management experience and a well-defined development procedure to bring your product in on time. We believe that up-front preparation, careful engineering, and thorough project and risk management are the best ways to protect your investment. We work with our clients to ensure that their whole product is a success, even if we only write the software. It is this system-wide approach that catches problems before they slip through the cracks, delaying delivery and costing more in design.

Hardware Development

Shenitech has built up excellent skills in analog, digital and mixed-signal design.
Please visit here for details.

System Specification

Shenitech can assist you in defining and writing the specifications for the electronic system you want to develop. We will cooperate with your engineers to assure that your requirements are accurately met. We will recommend the electronic components to best fit your cost, functional and performance targets.

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