Embedded Software Development

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Shenitech's in-depth knowledge of microprocessors, sensors, signal processing, computing and electronic engineering technologies allows us to build high quality embedded systems for a variety of applications. Our experience includes systems based on the following microprocessor / microcontroller, DSPs, and protocols:

  • Motorola 68xx, 68xxx
  • Intel 8031/8051, i960, 80x86
  • Zilog Z80
  • Arm7, Arm9
  • PowerPC 4xx, 5/7xx
  • TI 320C2x, 320C3x, 320C4x, 320C5x, , 320C6x
  • Analog Devices DSP 21xx, 21xxx
  • PCI, ISA
  • PC/104
Our real-time/embedded engineers are expertise in programming those devices in the most proficient manner with a variety of support software and development tools, such as network stacks, real-time operating system (RTOS), etc. At Shenitech, we offer turnkey solutions. We develop, test and debug the software according to a specification approved by you and we deliver the fully documented source code and test result documentation at the end of the project.

Besides, Shenitech also has the management experience and a well-defined development procedure to bring your product in on time. We believe that up-front preparation, careful engineering, and thorough project and risk management are the best ways to protect your investment. We work with our clients to ensure that their whole product is a success, even if we only write the software. It is this system-wide approach that catches problems before they slip through the cracks, delaying delivery and costing more in design.
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