Sensing and Measurement Instrument Design

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Shenitech has a strong group for intelligent sensing and measurement instrument design. Our experts have many years' experiences on the whole process of instrument development, which includes:

  • instrument architecture design
  • sensors design
  • hardware design: signal conditioning, analogical and digital circuits design, PCB, etc.
  • user interface design
  • software design : architecture design, microprocessor and DSP processor programming, RTOS, etc.
  • instument networking
  • data acquisition system design
  • digital signal/image processing and data analyzing
  • instrumental mechanic design
  • system integration
  • calibration, lab and field testing
  • documentation
  • technique support.

    Accordingly, we provide the following services:

    1. Instrument hardware development,
    2. Instrument software development,
    3. Instrument communication and networking,
    4. Signal processing, image processing and data analysis,
    5. System integration, testing,
    6. Research on new measurement technologies, new sensors, signal/image processing algorithms.

      From our experience we learnt that, in order to guarantee the quality of our service on instrument development, we must first understand how your instrument system works, how the signal is generated from the sensor, how it is fed to the system and how it flows in the system. In other words, knowing hardware and software is not enough to provide a best quality product to our clients. We must have a wide technology background. This is why we have built a strong research team with well-accomplished professors and doctors specialized in physics, measurement technology, signal/imaging processing, and etc. With those knowledge and experiences, we are able to deliver you a turn-key reference design for your embedded control or instrumentation application, ready for production.

      Besides, Shenitech has the management experience and a well-defined development procedure to bring your product in on time. We believe that up-front preparation, careful engineering, and thorough project and risk management are the best ways to protect your investment. We work with our clients to ensure that their whole product is a success, even if we only write the software. It is this system-wide approach that catches problems before they slip through the cracks, delaying delivery and costing more in design.

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