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Selection by Liquids:

Selection by Pipes:


Plastic pipes include PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PTFE, PVDF, ABS, FRP, Glass, Acrylic, etc.

Metal pipes include cast iron, pig iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, hastelloy.

Most commonly used pipes include plastic pipes, metal pipes, concrete pipes, asbestos pipes, etc.

Lining material include epoxy, rubber mortar, tar, etc.

For pipe size of 1" and smaller, we recommend the flow-cell type flowmeter.

For pipe size > 1", clamp-on type flowmeters, such as STUF-300H, STUF-300F1B, STUF-300EB, have lower cost and are easier to install than insertion type or flow-cell type. However, their accuracy is not as good as the other two types.

Applications by Industry:

Water & Wastewater

Water distribution

Water & wastewater treatment plants

Cold/hot water flows in large building complexes, hospitals, Revenue metering


Sewage / Sludge

Pipe leakage detection


Oil, fuel / diesel Oil transfer

Oil leakage detection

Crude oil after first stage separator, crude oil offloading, Vehicle/Ship engine efficiency monitoring

Furnace efficiency monitoring

Hydraulic/ Lubricant monitoring


Chemical plants

Process monitoring and control

Additive dosing

Corrosive/Abrasive liquid monitoring


Glycol or other liquids for HVAC

Hydronic balancing

Cooling / heating

Industrial Automation

Process monitoring and control

Building Automation

Building energy management, automatic remote metering and

Food & Beverage

Sanitary flow monitoring

Liquid food and drink processing, blending, batching, etc.

Energy Production/Transfer

Solar/Geo-thermal system

District heating / cooling

Power plants (hydraulic, thermal, etc.)

Pharmaceutical & Semiconductor

Dosing/Volumetric filling

High purity flow monitoring


Aggressive liquids flow measurement

Paper & Pulp

Additives, bleaches, etc.




Dredging, mining

Plant and machinery construction

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