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Shenitech LLC is committed to providing the very best support possible. Our customers have unique service needs, and we offer a variety of service options to support them. For any request, you will either get the answer or have one of our professionals to contact you within 24 hours! Please click here for more details.

At Shenitech, we also offer low-cost, high-quality research and development services on:

In order to guarantee the quality of our services, we strictly follow well-defined development procedures to proceed our development. Whether your project is a simple hardware/software design or a complicate system development, we will assign a quality-control manager to make sure all the developing processes meet international standards.

To start, we will provide you with either a fixed-price quote or a monthly development rate upon receiving your project specs. We will then establish performance milestones and the payment which is due upon completion (and your acceptance) of each milestone. FTP site-access will be established for your project and we will send you work-in-progress according to the task's timetable. The broadband Internet allows us to communicate with your staff as easily as if we were coding in the room next door. You can e-mail, fax or phone us at any time, or, we can come to your site if necessary, to discuss any aspect of your project. Please click here for case studies.

Shenitech offers very competitive rates to you. Please contact us for a free estimation on your project now.

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