Signal / Image Processing

At Shenitech, a high percentage of our DSP group members are trained to a high level (professor/Ph.D.) in signal processing and image processing fields. They have many years' experience in digital signal / image processing algorithm development and implementations. Our areas of services include:

  • System Analysis and Requirements Capture
  • Theoretical Analysis
  • Algorithm Development
  • Algorithm Simulation and Analysis (in MATLAB)
  • Algorithm Implementation in Software and Hardware
    • DSP chips (TI DSP family, Analog Devices DSP family, etc.)
    • FPGA (Xilinx, Altera) implementation
  • MATLAB prototyping
  • Rapid C and C++ code generation from Matlab prototypes.
  • Windows programs developed in Visual Basic, C++, C
  • System, Sub-system or Module Design
  • Product Development
  • Integration
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