STUF-300FNx Wireless Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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Accurate flow measurement for liquids in closed pipes
No moving parts to wear out, thus, long life span and require no maintenance

Abundant input / output resources

Low-power consumption

IP65 (NEMA 4X) weather-proof enclosure

Equipped with GSM or GPRS modem for wireless flow monitoring

- When equipped with GSM modem:

With a cell phone, one can check the flowmeter readings and working status anywhere

- When equipped with GPRS modem:

With a computer, one can program the flowmeter, monitor flowmeter status and read flow data continuously from a remote location. The data can then be record into a database

Optional PC software for flowmeter networking and data management

Software customization service available

For more details, refer to Brochure_STUF-300Fxx.pdf.


Application Examples

Remote leakage detection system

Solar-powered flow monitoring network

Water distribution network

Irrigation water resources management

Wireless flow measurement in industrial plants

Example 1: GSM-based Leakage Detection System

System Functions:

A cell phone is able to program the flowmeter parameters, p p g p , such as leakage threshold, from a remote location.

The flowmeter will enter leakage detection mode at scheduled time and date.

When leakage is detected, the flowmeter sends short alarm message to a list of cell phones. It also sends a trigger signal to local alarm or SCANDA system.

A cell phone is able to query flow rate data anywhere.

Note: the flowmeter needs a SIM card with GSM service activated.

Example 2: GPRS-based Flow Monitoring Network

System Functions:

A centralized flow monitoring system.

Able to program all the flowmeters from a center location.

Able to collect flow data from a number of remote flowmeters.

Able to store data into a central database.

Able to indicate the working status of all the flowmeters.

Note: each flowmeter needs a SIM card with GPRS service activated


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