Chemical Industry


Portable Clamp-on Flowmeter, Chemical Proportioning SystemShenitech provides non-intrusive measurement solutions for the chemical industry where aggressive and toxic liquids needed to be monitored.

STUF-300F1B and STUF-300EB. Clamp-on flowemeters utilize a pair of ultrasonic transducers to measure the chemical liquid flow from the outside of a pipe accurately and reliably. They have been widely used in process monitoring and control of liquids where maintenance can be achieved without breaking into the pipe work and where meter process compatibility has been achieved using the existing pipe work.

Shenitech also offers a portable clamp-on flowmeter, STUF-200H, typically employed as a tool for checking, servicing and maintaining existing flowmeters.

Applicable pipe sizes: 1” and above

Pipe material: plastic or metal


  • Any aggressive chemical or toxic media
  • Conductive or non-conductive liquids
  • Inspection of pipe installation
  • Nitric acid / liquid ammonium nitrate in fertilizer manufacturing plants
  • Liquids containing fibers or solids
  • Liquids containing polymers
  • Highly concentrated sulphuric acid
  • Preliminary products in the production of polyurethane
  • Water or oil for heat transfer

Pump control, pump protection

Flow control

Product identification

Leakage detection


Truck loading

DI water

Chemical proportioning system for an accurate volumetric ratio to be maintained between the process liquid volume and the chemical injection volume

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