280W-CI Ultrasonic Water Meter

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Electronic Flow Meter
  • Wear-free, long life-span
  • Maintenance-free
  • Not impacted by water impurity or magnetic interference
  • No blockage on the flow
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Wide measurement range
  • Exceed Class D Performance
  • Accurate transit-time technology
  • Free positioning for mounting
  • Battery supply for 6 or more years
  • Pulse / M-Bus / RS485 for remote readout and meter networking
  • Simple and easy to install.
  • Robust sensor design. Excellent long-term stability. Accuracy does not degrade over time
  • Low cost over long run, Low cost of ownership
Descriptions :

280W-CI ultrasonic water meter is the latest innovation from Shenitech. It employs cutting-edge technologies on ultrasonic flow measurement, digital signal processing (DSP) and surface mounting electronics. The sensor has no moving parts, thus, is literally maintenance-free. It is straight-through type, no blockage exists. This not only leads to very small pressure drop, but also allows the meter to work with both pure water and water with some solids.

With its maximum 95 °C operating temperature and nominal pressure of 1.6MPa, the technical specifications meet the standard for residential meters. The high measurement dynamic allows a load of up to double the rating, thereby ensuring high operating security.

Unlike mechanic water meter, 280W-CI water meter has outstanding long-term stability. The performance of its sensor does not degrade over time, thus, its overall system accuracy does not degrade over time. The meter also has an order option for remote read-out (Pulse, M-bus or RS485 output). The large display can be set to display flow velocity, flow total, working time, etc.

280W-CI ultrasonic water meter represents the trend of modem water metering industry. Both commercial and residential installations can profit from the advantages of wear-free water measurement: precision, operating security and long service life.


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