STUF-300R1B Ultrasonic Thermal Energy Meter

Advanced Clamp-on Transit-time Technologies

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  • Energy rate and total consumption measurement
  • Non-intrusive clamp-on technology. Easy and economical installation
  • No moving parts to worn out. Long-life span. No maintenance
  • High accuracy. Thermal energy custody transfer performance
  • Wide flow measurement range, bi-directional
  • Built-in totalizers, batch controllers and task scheduler
  • Isolated RS-485 interface. Supports MODBUS protocol
  • Abundant inputs/outputs, such as 4-20mA output, relay output, pulse output, alarm output, etc.
  • Easy to use and set up. Self-explanatory menu-driven programming
  • NEMA 4X (IP65) Weather-resistant enclosure Low-power consumption, less than 1.5Watts
  • Suitable for virtually any liquid heating/cooling systems such as HVAC, office buildings, apartment complexes, condominiums, solar heating systems and geothermal systems
Descriptions :

The STUF-300R1B ultrasonic thermal energy meter provides abundant capabilities for accurate thermal energy measurement of a liquid-based thermal energy production / transferring system. It is the 3rd generation energy meter from Shenitech. Compared to its predecessors, the 3rd generation offers better performance and a richer feature set, all at a lower price.

The STUF-300R1B system is consisted of a high performance ultrasonic flowmeter STUF-300F1B and a pair of standard PT100 temperature sensors. The ultrasonic flowmeter is based on our cutting-edge clamp-on flow measurement technology, which is capable of measuring the flow from outside of a pipe accurately and reliably. Due to the non-intrusive nature of this technology, there is no pipe cutting, no moving parts, no pressure drop, no leaks and no risk of contamination. Besides, the installation is simple and requires no special skills or tools.

The two PT100 sensors, which could be either insertion type or surface-mounting type, are used to measure the temperature of the supply flow and the return flow. The energy consumption rate is then calculated based on the temperature difference and the measured flowrate. A built-in energy totalizer is used to accumulate the amount of energy delivered.

STUF-300R1B provides versatile input/output interfaces, such as isolated digital outputs, relay output, batch control, alarm, 4-20mA output. In addition, the built-in isolated RS-485 port with surge protection and MODBUS support makes remote energy monitoring and energy meter networking easy and reliable.STUF-300R1B is an ideal choice for improving HVAC, energy production and building energy efficiency in terms of heating, cooling ventilation and air-conditioning.


Transducer Options:

Type S1x

Standard-S1 transducer (magnetic) for pipes DN25 ~ DN100mm (1” ~ 4”)
DN100mm (1” ~ 4”)
Temperature range -40˚C ~ 80˚C (-40˚F ~ 175˚F)
x represents pipe material: 0-Copper; 1–Tubing; 2–ANSI Plastic; 3-ANSI Metal

High-temp transducer

Type HFx

Special transducer for small size pipes DN15 ~ DN25mm (0.5" ~ 1")
Temperature range -20˚C ~ 60˚C (0˚F ~ 140˚F)
x represents pipe material. Same as above.

High-temp transducer

Type S1HTx

High-temp S1 transducer for small size pipe
DN25 ~ DN100mm (1” ~ 4”)
Temperature range -40°C ~ 155°C (-40°F ~ 312°F)
x represents pipe material. Same as above.

Type M1

Standard-M1 transducer (magnetic) for medium size pipe
DN50 ~ DN700mm (2” ~ 28”)
Temperature range -40°C ~ 100°C (-40°F ~ 212°F)

High-temp transducer

Type M1HT

Standard-M1 transducer (magnetic) for medium size pipe
DN50 ~ DN700mm (2” ~ 28”)
Temperature range -40°C ~ 100°C (-40°F ~ 212°F

Type L1

Standard-L1 transducer for large size pipe
DN300 ~ DN6,000mm (11” ~ 240”)
Temperature range -40°C ~ 100°C (-40°F ~ 212°F)


surface-mount temperature sensor, 3-wire PT100
Thermal isolation around the sensor is recommended in order to get a
temperature reading close to the liquid temperature


insertion type temperature sensor, 3-wire PT100
Users may use their own RTD temperature sensor

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