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Shenitech LLC is committed to providing the very best support possible. Our customers have unique service needs, and we offer a variety of service options to support them. For any request, you will either get the answer or have one of our professionals to contact you within 24 hours!
  • Telephone troubleshooting and support
  • Applications assistance
  • Installation assistance
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Service and repair
  • Extended service contracts
  • Training
Shenitech provides factory certified repairs, calibrations and re-inspection services for Shenitech products. Be aware that we do not provide services for products from other manufacturers. For trainings on ultrasonic flow measurement technology, instrumentation and applications, please contact us for the availability and schedules.

In order to better assist our customers, we maintain a secure website where rich useful information, such as sound speed, pipe size/schedule, manuals, software upgrade, etc. can be found. The access key is usually delivered to our customer when the product is shipped.
Repair and Calibration

Shenitech’s products have been manufactured and tested thoroughly before shipping to customers. Normally, the products should work reliably if the installation procedure and usage instruction are carefully followed. In case there is a need to return the unit for re-testing, re-pairing or calibration, please contact our support team with the model number and serial number information of the unit before sending the unit to us. Both numbers can be found on the product label. For each service or calibration request, we will issue a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number.

Be noticed that the cost for repairing can only be determined after receipt and inspection of the instrument. A quotation will be sent to the customer before proceeding with the service.

Products Support
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