Water & Waste water

District Heating and Cooling Water System, Inline Ultrasonic Water MeterShenitech provides a wide variety of flowmeter products to meet the demanding requirements of water and waste water applications.

Portable flowmeters

STUF-300H and STUF-300F1B (semi-portable). Well-suited for checking installed meters, leakage determination, network analysis and flow survey.

Permanent installation flowmeters

STUF-300Fx, STUF-300Ex and DigitalMag888. Works well for applications where long-term flow monitoring is needed. Rich output functions enable you to trigger an alarm, drive relay or valve, connect to PLC or computer and network through two-wire bus or GSM/SPRS wireless system.

Inline ultrasonic water meter

STUF-280W. A new alternative to conventional mechanic water meters, ideal for monitoring flow in residential and commercial buildings. This flowmeter does not have moving parts, needs no maintenance and has much a longer life span than mechanical meters. Solar-powered and battery-powered flowmeters
Shenitech offers custom solutions for your specific application. Please email to sales@shenitech.com or call 888-938-0188 for more information.

1. Regular water

  • City water
  • Well water
  • Sea water
  • River water
  • Portable water
  • District heating / cooling water
  • Metropolitan water distribution
  • Water in residential or commercial buildings

2. Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Shenitech offer a wide range of flowmeter products for whole water and wastewater treatment
  • Sewage inlet flow
    DigtialMag888 magnetic flowmeter. Provides reliable and accurate flow measurement.
  • Outlet flow or any flow with particles less than 2%
    STUF-300Fx and STUF-300Ex. Ultrasonic flowmeters providing low-cost and maintenance-free solutions for monitoring water flow.
  • Raw sewage --- DigitalMag888
    Reclaimed water ---- DigitalMag888
    Sludge --- DigitalMag888
    Processed water --- STUF-300Fx, STUF-300Ex, STUF-300H

3. Irrigation and Agricultural Automation

  • Shenitech has an excellent selection of products suitable for irrigation and agricultural automation applications. Our products do not have moving parts, do not block flow and need almost no maintenance. And, unlike their mechanical counterparts, our products’ performance does not degrade over time.
  • Best mobility
    STUF-300H handheld flowmeter. Applications include flow survey and meter verification.
  • Non-intrusive long-term flow monitoring
    STUF-300FxB clamp-on wall-mount flowmeter.
  • Maintenance-free long-term flow monitoring
    STUF-300FxC and STUF-300FxG. Wireless capability and telemetry ready.
    If straight-pipe run is less than 8 times the pipe diameter, consider DigtialMag888.
Application Notes
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